Repair of Reredos:


The reredos on the East wall is the stone arched backdrop to the main altar. It was designed in 1852 by John Brown of Norwich, the Diocesan Surveyor, and built by a local mason, William Browne. In 1904 it was enhanced by the insertion of paintings by Hardman & Co into the niches. They depict Our Lord centrally with the Virgin Mary and St John on either side; St Nicholas is to the left, and Bishop William Turbus (the founder of the Chapel) to the right.


The paintings are suffering from gradual detachment from their backing and consequent cracking, as well as the dirt of some 110 years, and the surrounding stonework is also degrading and losing surface paint.




Servicing the Organ:


This organ was built by Henry Willis & Sons of London in 1898-1900. It is consequently amongst a select group of organs in which 'Father' Willis might have had a hand - he was the greatest organ builder of his generation and considered the 'Father' of the profession.


The organ has not been serviced to the extent of dismantling and cleaning out the pipes since at least the 1980s. Many repairs in the Chapel have happened around it, and this needs to be done whilst also removing dents in pipes, dealing with broken reeds, and repair to the damaged blower.

This work is regarded as immediately necessary, in 2017 if possible, and the Friends are leading the fund raising for £5,250 to do this.

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