St Nicholas' Chapel Kings Lynn
St Nicholas' Chapel Kings Lynn

The Chapel offers a magnificent setting for any occasion. It has acoustic properties for choral events well known to the Kings Lynn Festival audience.

The Organ is of high quality and the tower, with its rehung ring of eight bells, will be a delight to bell ringers from far and wide.

The modernised Chapel, by removal of the 4 rear pews, allows greater room for Social events, Markets , and Exhibitions.

Toilet facilities, radiant heaters and a small kitchen have been added. There are WiFi facilities and extra seating for concerts as well as the pews and up to 12 tables for meetings and markets.

To book the Chapel for an event please contact: ( a direct link can be found at Links/chapel booking ) or phone 01553 774471 with your contact details, purpose of the event, proposed date and duration. We will send you the booking conditions and charges.